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People want happiness and security. Our members are educated, family oriented, and they really want to know that someone special for their hearts, and you need to show that you are the one. Do not be concerned about distance, because for love there is no distance!

Tell truthfully who you are, what you want, and of your ultimate dreams. Tell in the first letter what you envision. Tell whether you want a friend, ideal mate, a lover or a pen pal. Tell the person honestly about yourself. About your intentions, goals, purposes, ideal scenes, and dreams. The more the better. Tell of your past; impress with your deeds, accomplishments, adventures, travels, education, your home and daily life.

Make sure that she or he is the person that you have been seeking. Ask the questions that you want answers to - the things that matter most to you. Unique to written correspondence is the freedom to ask the questions that might be difficult in face to face conversation. Take advantage of the situation, and find out all that you need to know, in order to ascertain whether this is your ideal mate. This is the most important opportunity of your life.

Always include a photo of yourself in your first letter. First impressions are very important!. We recommend that you go to a professional studio - the better the photos, the better the response.

Write to her or him often. Even if it's only a note, write. Let the person know that you are thinking of them. Here at the agency we have a simple rule - if you are thinking of that person then you must let him or her know such. Never leave their mail box empty. Not hearing from you is the worst thing in the universe. If you can't write, send a card, or call, or fax.   If the person doesn't hear from you, then he or she will think that you have found someone else, or worse. Consider your letters or messages like notes in a song. They float up into the air and then are heard, or lost among the clouds.  In other words, send an abundance of correspondence, and hope the other person receives everything.

When writing to the Ladies from The Dominican Republic, please do not ask for more Pictures they are expensive here and most Ladies cannot afford to have pictures made and send them out. Also if it says on my site she has NO E Mail then don't ask if they have e Mail or ask them to reply by E Mail.

Any final tips on corresponding?

Don't wait too long to go and visit your correspondence if you really like her.  She will feel that you are not serious, and she will look elsewhere.  Go and meet her within 3 months and you just might be the happiest man in the world. 


















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