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When dealing with many agencies it would be wise to determine if you are speaking with a real woman. This is very important and I suggest you deal with a reputable agency to ensure that your correspondent is for real. If you have decided to explore your options with a Dominican women, you must believe that you can find someone special who will love you for you.



All women have certain fears connected with the search for a husband from abroad. Women's biggest fear is that she will spend her time and effort on you and it will end in vain. In order to be successful, you need to show the woman that you are a stable, serious person, who knows what he wants and is ready to turn this Internet adventure into a real-life relationship.   


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Dominican women place marriage and family as their first priority because they are brought up in this way, it is in their culture. Conditions in the DR prohibit them from finding a suitable husband and without a husband they feel their life is incomplete.  Dominican women really want to get married.  This is why they are ready to leave their homeland behind, not the other way around.

This website is for Men who love Women from the Dominican Republic
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days that will change your Life forever.
Our goal is to introduce you to as many lovely Dominican Ladies as possible


I would like to thank Diego and his team. Before I went to the D.R. event I was trying to get a crash course in dating,


Dear Diego, I am writing you this letter to express my deep appreciation for your website. Although


How is Latin Affairs different from other dating sites featuring Dominican women?


dominican girls for marriage

There is no single man who would not want to meet a women who is beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish and sexy. All men want a girlfriend like this! The problem is there are not many girls possessing those qualities that are unattached and available. Girls like this usually have a string of admirers and an attitude. You might even think they are out of your league.
Think again!
In your country, this may be true, but the world is so much bigger than that!
In this country, things are exactly the opposite way around: there is a huge shortage of nice, intelligent and stable single men! This created a unique situation between the genders where women were forced to perfect their looks in order to find and keep a mate.
On our site, you will find hundreds of women  that are beautiful, intelligent, fit, stylish and sexy - and at the same time
unattached and available. And they are looking for nice, intelligent and stable men - just like you! So, looking for a partner in the Dominican Republic makes perfect sense for any red-blooded male:

Here you can meet a woman with the qualities you are seeking!
This is a great advantage but it may turn out to be a disadvantage as well: some guys get carried away with the possibilities and become what can be called "greedy": they try to get the woman that is perfect in every way, and the younger the better.
Don't lose the sight of what you are actually looking for: a partner for life. Decide from the beginning what kind of woman will be a suitable partner for YOU.




Don't go for the youngest woman you can get - think what will happen once she is married to you, a few years down the line. Even if now she thinks your age difference is OK; this may change once she is in your country. Even strong feelings may damp under pressure from society.
In the Dominican Republic you can find a woman much younger than yourself but the greater the age difference, the possibility lessens for your marriage to survive.
Age difference up to 15 years is safe; if your age difference is bigger,
you should have certain things in common or develop things in common that will cement your marriage.
We are a very different type of agency from most. We pride ourselves on personalized service to all our clients. Our ladies are interviewed and photographed personally by a member of our staff. In many cases we know their families. We are very careful about who we put on our website.
We, in addition seek out ladies that we feel would be a good match for these clients, based on the criteria presented to us.  We assist and advise to ensure that communication is made. We are always available for questions and to help prevent any problems from arising due to the difference in cultures.

What Services does Latin Affairs offer?

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Dominican women

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Dominican women want to meet american and european men

In the Dominican Republic you can find a woman much younger than yourself

On our site, you will find hundreds of women that are beautiful, intelligent, fit, stylish and sexy

This website is for Men who love Dominican Women

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Here you can meet a woman with the qualities you are seeking

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